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Posted in: Theosophical Society by Moon Elf on August 08, 2009

Sirius [from Greek seirios scorching] In classical myth, the dog of Orion, who followed his master when he was made a constellation; it is called the Dog-star; by the Egyptians, Sothis. The dog at times symbolizes Mercury or Budha, who was called Cynocephalus, the dog-headed. It is a symbol of watchfulness and guarding. The heliacal rising of Sirius coincides in the northern hemisphere with the sultry heat of late summer, and was regarded in antiquity as a cause of that heat, or as contributing a baleful quality to it.

“The star worshipped in Egypt and reverenced by the Occultists; by the former because its heliacal rising with the Sun was a sign of the beneficent inundation of the Nile, and by the latter because it is mysteriously associated with Thoth-Hermes, god of wisdom, and Mercury, in another form. Thus Sothis-Sirius had, and still has, a mystic and direct influence over the whole living heaven, and is connected with almost every god and goddess. It was ‘Isis in the heaven’ and called Isis-Sothis, for Isis was ‘in the constellation of the dog,’ as is declared on her monuments. ‘The soul of Osiris was believed to reside in a personage who walks with great steps in front of sothis, sceptre in hand and a whip upon his shoulder.’ Sirius is also Anubis, and is directly connected with the ring “Pass me not’; it is, moreover, identical with Mithra, the Persian Mystery god, and with Horus and even Hathor, called sometimes the goddess Sothis. Being connected with the Pyramid, Sirius was, therefore, connected with the initiations which took place in it. A temple to Sirius-Sothis once existed within the great temple of Denderah. To sum up, all religions are not, as Dufeu, the French Egyptologist, sought to prove, derived from Sirius, the god-star, but Sirius-Sothis is certainly found in connection with every religion of antiquity” (TG 300).

Sirius (Dog/God Star) – Introduction

Posted in: 01. Sirius (the Dog Star) by Moon Elf on August 07, 2009

All information regarding Sirius began coming to me after I discovered Remote Viewing was a real technique used in the United States military and I desired information on discovering the source of intuition and psi and how to acquire these talents to be used for the greater good.  In my research on RV and the government I bumped into various conspiracy theory associations and eventually Robert Anton Wilson thanks to my interest in Timothy Leary.

The star of Isis is also known as Sirius.  Sirius is located in the constellation Canis Major and is the brightest star in the sky, often used to locate the 12 standard zodiac.  It appears July 23rd in the Southern sky and was noticed by ancient Egyptians who built shafts into the Queens chamber which this star would shine through.  It marked the beginning of the Nile floods and was a symbol of fertility.  Sirius is the “eye” of the dog of the constellation and is one of the points of the Winter Triangle shared with Betelguese (of the Orion constellation) and Procyon (of Canis Minor).  Canis Major is also known as Orion’s dog. 

Sirius is actually a binary star system in which the star Sirius A orbits with a white dward Sirius B in a pattern which mimics the DNA double helix.  It is claimed that the Dogon tribe of not only knew of Sirius A and B before their discovery but also claim a Sirius C which will have  a planet with life on it much like Earth.  Supposedly the “gods” which brought civilization and the teachings of ancient cultures like Egypt visited the Dogon tribe and told them of these astral bodies.  It is suggested that French archeologist may have ‘tipped’ off the Dogon and that the mention of them knowing of the existence of Sirius B was not actually public until after it’s discovery.  However, in the link listed below for more info it is claimed that Sirius C has been discovered by Daniel Benese and J.L. Duvent in Astronomy and Astrophysics magazine in 1995 a point which most claim would prove the validity of the Dogon tribe’s claims.  Prior to it’s discovery our lack of knowledge of Sirius C was often used to debunc the Dogon’s claims. Does Sirius C really exist?  I have yet to research this more thoroughly.  Supposedly, Astronomy and Astrophysics stated that a small red dwarf star, Sirius C, seems to exist in the system of the star Sirius.2 They have detected a perturbation which cannot be explained by any other means.  If this is finally confirmed this will clarify the historical “Red Sirius” of legend and we would then have to assume the stories of extraterrestrial visitors to be true after all.  Boggles the mind to even dare to think it because we’ve been trained to consider it nothing more than mere fantasy.  It is also stated that the the Harvard Bright Star Catalog has been quoted as saying “(Sirius) C, companion to B at 1.4″ suspected but not confirmed”  Cannot find official sources to date.

Sirius is associated with all sorts of seemingly hallucinatory experiences and bizarre occurrences (refer to Robert Anton Wilson’s Cosmic Trigger I for further associations including A. Crowley, Blavatsky, T. Leary, himself, and Gurdjieff in regards to Illuminati, synchronicities, and communications with Higher Intelligence in regards to the Sirius Connection) such as aliens delivering pancakes and talking dogs – communication with Higher Intelligence especially through the use of mind altering substances and is associated with the Illuminati – I think the eye of the dog in the Winter Triangle is the Eye in the Pyramid archetypal image which so many conspiracy theories center around.   It has been associated with the Eye of Horus and has some associations with that archetype as well.  It is also known as the star of Mercury and Buddha.  It is also the Argenteum Astrum (A.’A.’) of Ordo Templi Orientus (Crowley’s Thelemic organization) and is known as The Silver Star.  It is further claimed that Crowley’s Book of the Law as well as Timothy Leary’s Eight Neurological Circuits (the StarSeed Transmission) were both channeled from Sirius.  There are also some Yogic and Tantric associations.

“Sirius is a vast expression of divinity, the great star of initiation, the parent of our solar system, and the point in cosmic consciousness from which issues the true symbol of the cross.”
– Lord Djwhal Khul, through A.A. Bailey

A central key to this understanding is that our Solar system revolves around Sirius as a central sun in a much larger system – a much greater consciousness, a much greater life than we are able to perceive. In this larger life, our Solar Logos, our solar system, is but one centre – a minor chakra of particular energy and purpose in relation to a much, much greater life.

Sirius is a centre in that great life Lord Djwhal Khul refers to as the One About Whom Naught May Be Said – the Cosmic Logos who manifests and animates a body compased of seven solar systems or Solar Logoi. This is analogous to the human body with its seven major etheric chakras.

Lord Djwhal Khul states that “the entire work of the Great White Lodge is contolled from Sirius.” This implies, by definition, that the spiritual evolution of humanity and Earth is controlled from Sirius. It is Siriun energy, Djwhal Khul indicates, which flows into the consciousness of Hierarchy, streams through its seven basic divisions, and stimulates the members of the Hierarchy to progress toward their higher initiations.

Djwhal Khul mentions many links of Sirius with other constellations and star systems, such as the Great Bear and the Pleiades. With these two systems, Sirius forms what he calls “the prototypical triangle.” From this triangle flow all the energies circulating and contolling our solar system – i.e, energizing our Solar Logos.

Alice Bailey, in Consciousness of the Atom, writes,

“In the Eastern books they say that in the Sun Sirius lies the source of wisdom and that the influence or the energy of love emenates from there.”

To identify Sirius as the source of love-wisdom, is to claim it as a centre of transcendent power of universal inclusion and profound understanding about the nature of being on all levels and, in this second ray solar system, all that we understand by the term GOD.

NOTE: Even if any of the insinuated connotations to this star are NOT true then at the very least it as well as the Winter Triangle may at least have some form of Astrological influence just as the planets and other astrological bodies do on the human psyche and/or nervous system and may be responsible for the “belief” in God and or gods/goddesses and the whole host of archetypal subconscious associations. The answer to Sirius and the metaphysical/occult studies may lie in Quantum Physics. Find the book The Sirius Mystery and read it!!!!

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