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The Gate!

Posted in: by Moon Elf on February 15, 2010

Before my exposure to the whole idea of the 2012 and Mayan Prophecies, I had an intuitive perspective of a coming Gateway to another realm. To me this is a sort of phasing of juxtaposed realms being that of the Fey and the Material realms. The Fey realm is quite clearly portrayed in many areas of our history from the Faerie Faith to the modern UFO phenomenon, especially the views of Carl Jung in regard to the latter.

I have found that when looking at the Mayan Prophecy, this seems to clearly portray the same idea. The following video gives a clear example:

The Heart Sutra: (a Buddhist Wisdom Mantra)

Ga-té, Ga-té, Para Ga-té,
Para-sam Ga-té, Bodhi Svaha

commentary by Ngak’chang Rinpoche


Gone, gone beyond, gone beyond beyond, to be awakened.



  1. What’s interesting to me is how you’ve twice experienced the power of Jesus Christ’s protection, yet seem always be looking in other directions for your spirituality. Why not the obvious? What other name do you know of with the power to vanquish unwanted entities? To me, all of what you describe may exist, but the path Yeshua prescribed for me was to follow Him.

    Now, let me also say that He often railed against organized religion during his incarnation here, and directs us to follow Him and share in a new covenant. Over and over He described Himself as “the Word, the Truth, and the Way” and I believe that. Churches and their ministers pretty much suck most of the time and I wouldn’t suggest anyone leave their spiritual evolution in their hands, either.

    BTW, I have also been bothered by the shadow beings at night but invoking Jesus Christ’s protection has been a cure. I pray for his sheild around me each night before sleep and am never bothered.

    Also, thanks for your thought-provoking blog. It’s very good.

    Comment by ratso444 — February 21, 2010 @ 5:21 pm

  2. Sorry it’s taken so long to get a reply! Unfortunately, my site has been plagued by spammers attempting to post so it takes a long time to go through all the comments to find real ones like yours! In answer, I went through a period of of being non and even anti-Christian but over time I eventually discovered such things as realizing when the Bible talks about Jesus being an Essene what that really means. It means he was a Gnostic Christian very closely connected to the Egyptian mysteries! Of course, this also meant discovering Gnostic Christianity as opposed to the severely edited and hand-picked version of Christianity we have today thanks to history, which sadly “most” modern day ‘christians’ don’t seem to understand. I have since accepted my own understanding of Christianity and I’ve never had anything against Jesus’ teachings. Personally, I think he was trying to bring Eastern thought to Western minds and it’s likely he may in fact be the one known as Issa in the East. I’ve never been against Jesus nor his teachings but my understanding of who/what he represents has always been a bit different than what I was taught. What I was against was blindly following what people tell you, be it your parents or your pastor or a politician or anyone, and accepting ‘their’ version of the ‘faith’. It just took me years of delving to find the details I needed and understand why I rebelled against the religion that was handed to me in my childhood. I hope this makes more sense and answers your question. As for the ‘shadow beings’, I think that any name of an enlightened ascended master would do the trick. I don’t think mere shadows beings want to mess with power like that. It’d be like Gollum going up against Gandalf the White 😉 LOLz – Also, at the time those took place, I was still a child and knew nothing but what my mother had taught me about Jesus so it was the ONLY name I knew!

    Comment by Moon Elf — January 18, 2012 @ 3:20 pm

  3. Man has, or is evolving. We have entered into a new aeon. I can see the changes for myself, with all the information humans now possess & working hand in hand with that knowledge has opened us up to real supernatural abilities. Look up the Yellow Bamboo challenge on youtube or goto

    I can foresee that soon Humans will become godlike…

    ~ ~

    Comment by Melek- Taus — January 14, 2013 @ 3:46 am

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