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Entrance Meditation:

Posted in: by Moon Elf on August 09, 2009

This is an introduction to the Dark Fey spirit guides and archetypes to teach and guide you for personal growth and transformation. Before you begin, take out a pen and paper and take notes. You are asked to please post comments to this thread regarding any experiences you might have related to this meditation.

(Ciarthir) Entrance Meditation:

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath, and while you release your breath let go of the day. Bring your mind into the room. Leave your day outside the door and bring your attention into your body and relax. Take another breath and relax the muscles on your face…Breath and relax your neck… Breathe and relax your shoulders… Breathe and relax your back… Breathe and relax your chest… Breathe and relax your waist… Breathe and relax your hips… Breathe and relax your legs… Breathe and relax your feet.

Now, you are standing in a dark forest. It is night. You see in front of you a walking trail. You begin to walk down this trail. Notice your surroundings. What do you see, hear, and smell? What do you feel?

[OPTIONAL, FIRST TIMERS MAY BYPASS] You come to a large mound with a gaping hole in it. It is pitch black inside but there are tools to make light at its entrance. Use them freely and enter! As you go downward and wind your way through the underground passages, you come to an empty room. You may come here to reflect or to make inquiries of the room’s resident at a later time if you desire. There are multiple exits. You take the one to the back or the room and follow it deeper into the ground until you begin to see a luminescence within.

You keep following this until you come to a river. In the darkness you can see a shrouded figure on a boat coming towards you. You notice that the figure wears a cloak that encompasses not only the body but also its head making its features indistinguishable. The cloaked figure gestures for you to step into the boat to begin your journey.

[NOTE: river flows North]

You make yourself comfortable while the figure turns the boat around and takes you far downstream. You are now enshrouded by a thick fog. You’re ride continues into darkness and the mist until it begins to lift where you find yourself on a dimly lit stream of blood red water in an otherworldly landscape.

You continue Further down the stream and make your way to a bit of rocky outcropping with a nearby forested area. The boat stops so that you may exit safely. Carved within the rock is a stone stairway going high up into the large crag.

As you slowly make your way up the rocky steps, again you take notice of your surroundings. Who inhabits this land, what sounds do you hear? Follow the steps further until you reach an elevated Temple platform. Here you meet a divine guide. Feel free to ask any questions or request a symbol for future workings. Take your time…

[OPTIONAL BUT SUGGESTED FOR FIRST TIME] As you make to leave, let your eyes drift toward the wooded area you passed on your climb. You may have kin here! Feel free to explore, find them, and learn what you may with the short time you have left before your boat leaves. Take a few minutes…

When you are ready, make your way back to the boat and your guide will take you home. On your way back, you reenter the mist but it seems to take a shorter time to return and this time you land on the banks of the original wooded area you previously traveled. As you head back into the wood, slowly let your mind return to waking consciousness…. [NOTE: This shortcut can be used when bypassing the mound]

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