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Why The Fey?

Posted in: by Moon Elf on August 09, 2009

Personal symbols for me vary quite a bit but the star and crescent moon has always been strongest ever since early childhood. However it is reverse of the Islamic symbol with the star on the left instead of the right. The star is most appropriately eight-pointed though often depicted as five-pointed.

For as long as I can remember I always looked up to the moon in the night sky as a sort of mother and sister on some nearly faerie level long before I ever understood any meaning for any of these archetypal images. I have always had the crescent and star symbol in my mind (silver on blue) and one or two rare occasions I’ve actually seen it just like that in the night sky. I’ve inwardly “talked to” the moon all my life. When depressed I’d find a nice place to sit under the moon, preferably near a body of water, such as a lake, or just near some natural formation like a large rock or tree which was like an earthen shelter, like having “mother’s” arms around me. I know this is all very fey, and even rather elf-like and I’ve ALWAYS been like this. As a child I never really understood it. I’ve often considered this nothing more than just childish musings and when I hit high school it started to fade. It came back when I lived in Orlando Florida when I was eighteen and in the Navy Nuclear program. During this time, personal life issues lead me to the Goth scene.

I’ve always enjoyed and felt comforted by the blanket of night, like the arms of a mother, and the moon, her face. There was always this odd feeling that there was more to myself and life on some etheric level I couldn’t quite comprehend. This became clearer as I got later became involved in Goddess spirituality. Being fed up with patriarchal religion I decided to turn inward for guidance and found myself more in tune with the Neo-Pagan movement.

With this in mind it might become at least a bit more clear why I associate with the Fae/Fey. I don’t go around thinking I’m an Elf or think I’m an Otherkin, though I do not doubt this possibility for those who believe it. I’ve always felt a close connection with the vampire image as well but I do not think I’m a vampire. However, I have come to understand the greater reality behind modern vampire spirituality. I do however see the Elf as a symbol which ties into the Angel and Alien archetypes and leads to an open exploration of this ‘subtle realm’ of which many of us are only barely (if at all) aware of. This is the main drive behind the Temple of the Dark Fey, to open the gates between the realm of Man and the Fey.

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