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Posted in: by Moon Elf on August 07, 2009

Encounters With The Fey is a FREE online book.

What you are about to read is a personal account of events as recorded to the best of my memory. These events are very subjective in nature. Therefore, I do not make any claims that they can be proven nor disproved by any means. I have decided to disclose this information publicly after long consideration. Initially, there was trepidation out of fear of what others would think or say or how it may or may not be received by others. Many of these events I have not previously shared in any great depth, if at all, with some of the people closest to me throughout my life. This includes most friends and family with only very few exceptions. Of course, the release of this book will change all of that if they choose to read it.

Anyone who reads this book will know more about this novice author than is usually comfortable for most people. It has taken me several years to decide to disclose this information openly and when you read the personal experience accounts it will become obvious why I have taken so much time considering whether to record this information or not.

I think it is also important to note that these seem to be uncontrolled, isolated events. Thus, I do not currently make any claims to having any psychic or otherwise ‘special’ abilities outside of what I believe everyone is capable of doing. Since these experiences were uncontrolled events, I also do not make any claim to be able to repeat them and attempts to do so have met with failure thus far. I consider myself to be fairly average in many ways and have come to believe that incidences like the ones described here are probably more common than most would expect.

I personally believe that more people have unexplained phenomenal experiences than most of us are aware of, if for no other reason than the fact that we are generally not anxious to speak about them for fear of facing ridicule. There seems to be a sort of social taboo associated with speaking about the paranormal or any type of phenomenon outside Newtonian logical beliefs in most social circles. Thus, there is a psychological stigma attached to such topics and anyone who openly speaks about them in many areas of society. This can unfortunately cause many to actually forget their experiences, much like a victim of psychological trauma, as many paranormal experiences can have dramatic affect on individual witnesses. In most cases, we find it difficult to relate any inherent meaning to these events and often regard them will fear and confusion. Psychologically, the subconscious protective response may be simply to erase the memory to avoid discrimination and ostracism, a form of social exile. In many cases, the experiences may leave one fearing their own sanity since they themselves cannot believe what they have witnessed.

While I do not expect anyone to readily believe what is written here. I do hope that those who remain skeptical will at least keep an opened mind. However, my actual purpose for writing this it because I feel it may assist others with similar experiences to overcome their personal fears and doubts. Hopefully, my words will help give them assurances that their sanity may not be in question and that they are not alone. Further, by accepting their own experiences, I feel they can then evaluate them more effectively and possibly learn from them as well. While initially confusing, there seems to be a level of coherence when viewed in the proper light, at least in my own opinion. While it may not answer all of our questions about such phenomena, I do think it will bring us closer to comprehending the world we live in and answer many of the more difficult questions of life. I am confident that there are others out there with similar experiences as I have spoken with some of them and have begun seeing more of this sort of questioning coming to the surface with the advent of the Internet. Hopefully, we can break old paradigms by sharing information and learn to encompass a world view that more completely explains much of the currently unexplained. I believe that what we have considered ‘accepted normality’ or ‘consensus reality’ is not the entire picture. Unfortunately, I think we have severely limited ourselves by not being open to new paradigms and remaining still in relative security of at least partial ignorance. It will take new paradigms for mankind to evolve to full potential.

I do not claim to have the answers myself but I am still pondering them. I have made may paradigm shifts over the past years and would like to share them with others along with the experiences which lead me along the path. I consider myself only an avid seeker of Truth and with this in mind I am ashamed of the many esoteric and mystic groups which hold to their dogmatic practice of ‘guarding secrets’. While I do not believe that any one individual or even group has all of the answers, for there is no such thing as a ‘one true religion’, I do believe the time for secrecy has ended! Anyone claiming to have all the answers it either severely delusional or is blatantly lying to you for personal gain whether it be wealth or power. Everyone should make up their own minds about such things as “beliefs” and should not base them solely on the theories and teachings of others. Holding onto them dogmatically only restricts your ability to learn! I hope that you will find the information within this book useful to you in your own personal quests. If not, I hope that you will at least be entertained.

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