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XXV. LifeForce Energy

Posted in: by Moon Elf on August 09, 2009

It is also worth noting that the confirmation of LifeForce energy through the vampire Temple was the beginning of a recognition of the ancient usage of this energy in Egyptian mysticism as well as such things as yogic and even tantric practices. During my studies I was also spending time experimenting with various uses of this energy and becoming more and more curious about how this was related to such healing modalities as Reiki and SKHM. Through this side of my investigation and experiences, I eventually became interested in massage therapy and attended school to learn how to do this professionally. During my tenure there, I had many of my own beliefs and ideas regurgitated to me by instructors and other professionals in the field. Personally, this helped me confirm that I was not crazy for thinking many of the things I had come to believe and I was also shown how many of these ideas related to human physiology. It was not the intention of instructors to make this relation but I simply could not overlook the similarities between the Hindu chakra system and the human endocrine system for instance.

Another experience to note here would have to be an event that took place the day after attending the massage school’s open house. I was invited the next night by an older woman in the massage industry to a Reiki circle at a local herb shop. I’d never attended one and had never witnessed this healing art in person and, since I was curious, I decided to attend. I was facing a lot of uncertainties that night and was curious about how things would work out with the new idea of going to massage school. I was following my intuition intentionally for probably the first time in my life and was taking a lot of risk and seeking some drastic changes in my life. During the event, I was very skeptical and could only note that I could not see anything happening though individuals seemed to act as if something was taking place. I simply sat most of the night trying to relax and be receptive, as was requested, in a basic meditative pose. I was having problems relaxing completely as I felt a strong tension in my upper back. Later that evening the person who invited me came up behind me and placed her hand on my back, exactly on the spot of tension, without prompting. I was expecting to feel the heat of her hand at least if not a warmth of the possibility of energetic motion. Instead, I felt coldness but it was like someone putting an ice pack on an injury and felt very good. She kept her hand there for a few short moments and walked away. Shortly after, I felt as if an unknown form of energy from and unknown source began flowing into me through my upper back. I felt the same energy flowing out of my hands but it was more like as if a tube were projecting from my wrists aimed at my palms and warm steam were coming out. In my mind, I saw a greenish, smoky substance flowing through me. I was amazed because I was not expecting to have energy pass through me as if I were the healer. If anything, I expected the healer to work on me. Instead, I was adding my energy to the work she was performing in the front of the room. I was a bit confused but joyful because I wanted to learn how to do this and it was happening. Unfortunately, after the event, I was unable to repeat the process, and yet again I was left with questioning experiences with no clear answers. However, I took the experience as confirmation that my ideas involving this healing energy and massage therapy were intuitively correct and entered the school shortly after.

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