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XXII. Vampire Religions

Posted in: by Moon Elf on August 09, 2009

During the Eye experience, some of the personal things relayed was a moment in which I felt that Goddess, now known as Kali-Brahmani, was telling me that I was to see a temple and to look for the Egyptian winged disc that had brought me to that experience as well as a relation to vampires . However, I was also given a warning that this was for learning only and not to become set in a belief that there was more that I had to learn yet, this was but one short step. Synchronistically, a friend I knew through my record label introduced me to a Vampire Temple which sports a vampiric winged disc. Less than a week had passed since my experience so I couldn’t help but take notice of this obvious reference. I joined the temple to find out what I needed to learn. The first thing I was exposed to was to confirm LifeForce energy for myself. This was accomplished but there were too many things about this temple that reminded me of the dream of the German man who had practically gone insane running from cloaked figures. I had not mentioned this to my wife, who by this time I considered highly intuitive as she’d been right on so many occasions I could no longer deny it, but she wanted me out of the organization and felt there was something wrong about it that she couldn’t put her finger on. I did not share the details of this organization with her so she did not now my fears but I trusted her intuition and left. However, the reference of LifeForce energy gave me lots more to think about and my recent experiences had already made me question logic and “reality” in general. Having come out of the Gothic subculture from the 1980’s and having an interest in vampires myself, I began to realize and investigate the many vampire religions and organizations online. To date, I find the words of Michelle Belanger most appropriate and they also seem to strike cords of intuitive ‘knowing’ within myself as well that are beyond comprehension. To date, I do not consider myself a vampire as some others do. Another seeming related aspect of this part of my ‘quest’, in my humble opinion, is the recent uprising of other groups such as Otherkin and Therian.

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