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XX. Kali-Brahmani

Posted in: by Moon Elf on August 09, 2009

One night, I attempted a meditation to ‘meet’ my spiritual guide. I wanted to know the name of the Goddess I had always felt with me since childhood that I associated with the Moon, for I’d never known Her name. I was not expecting what I received. I had previously worked with the Odin archetype so I was not surprised to see a wolf come to greet me and then transform into the one-eyed Norse god of Wisdom. He led me up a stone staircase into a Temple complex. At the top of the stair, resting on a stone elevation and pillow, was a beautiful young woman with her eyes closed. I noticed a third eye on her forehead open wide. She was dressed in clean bright green and white silks. As I approached, the third eye closed and the two ‘normal’ eyes opened and said quite simply, “I am Kali-Brahmani”. She then raised her arms to reveal two pairs of arms below the one previously resting on her lap. She then said, “This is the spider you see. I want to show you more but you must be willing and have an open heart.” I could feel nothing but love and compassion emanating from her wise and beautiful form. I was overjoyed that I had finally gotten a name but I did not expect that Kali was ‘the’ Goddess that I was ‘seeking’. I thought She was just one of many other archetypes that I would be working with only that She had come to me and I had not intentionally chosen her. Realizing the truth of the matter, I gratefully, though with some trepidation, accepted and bowed to Her.

Connecting these two events was a profound realization for me, for I had only recently come to the awareness of the sculptor analogy and now I realized it complete significance. My resistance to change and unwillingness to accept negative things about myself was creating a situation filled with fear and anxiety on a subconscious level and I needed to be more open in order to become more aware and enlightened. Even then, I still did not realize the full extent of the situation because so far I still considered this all manifestations of my psyche only and did not consider these events to be paranormal in any way. That was about to change!

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