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XIV. Government Experiments

Posted in: by Moon Elf on August 09, 2009

Several months later, I and another guy on base had been placed out of classes awaiting medical boards as we both had migraine headaches. He was prescribed some experimental drug while I was usually given pain killers and muscle relaxers. It should also be said that during this time I underwent various testing and therapies in the military for my condition including anesthetic injections into the soft area at the base of the skull and electro shock therapy, neither of which helped. I was willing to do anything to get rid of the pain.

The drug my friend took, he eventually told me, caused him to hallucinate. Both of us being completely naïve to such things began personal research in a local library. We happened across a mention in a manual that it was believed that the government had experimented with LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs to help cure migraine headaches but was unsuccessful. This lead me to try my own experiment with LSD obtained from a friend of a friend at the local club who was into the ‘surfing’ scene. He said he’d watch over me and I could do it in my friend’s house where it was safe. I did and ended up playing match maker that night for a couple who desperately wanted to be together but couldn’t see it in each other as the chemical seemed to enhance the recognition of very subtle body language. I remember taking a walk outside around the pool under the full moon that night and at one point felt that something was behind me in the dark. In my mind I had an image of a giant hairy spider for some strange reason. When I turned around, nothing was there but the light of the moon shining through the branches of a tree and onto the water of the swimming pool made me think for a split second that I was seeing a giant cord of a strand of spider web. When I realized it was my mind ‘playing tricks on me’ I simply laughed. I began to recognize how the mind could toy with you and remember staring at the bathroom wallpaper for several minutes watching it wave around like liquid. I also remember seeing ‘tracers’ which is much like the effect of time-lapse photography in which when someone waves an arm you see several arms moving that all ‘catch up’ with each other at the stopping point. I was surprised however, that I didn’t have any of the frightening hallucinations which are so far out of touch with reality that I’d heard about. All I had seen was the mind filling in the blanks when seeing shadows and lights because the mind was moving so quickly. I didn’t understand how any of the stories of people freaking out on acid and hurting themselves or others because they believed something unreal could be possible. After the experiment, I reported back to my friend and compared notes as to his hallucinations. There were start similarities and he too said it was tricks of the mind and the play of shadows and lights mostly, and of course the uncontrollable grinning and laughing I’d also experienced and the recognition of extremely subtle body language. We thought we’d solved our puzzle of what he was being given.

We interrogated our officer doctor about this and he told us, “off the record”, that we were “on the right track” but that we were not completely correct. We had assumed they were using LSD and had not even considered psilocybin, mescaline, or any other alternatives. Most likely, his dark gel caps were one of the other two and not the exact same as the liquid on blotter paper I had received. However, I did not have migraines for the next week. Needless to say, to end my own suffering, I began to take this once a week for months to come until I was finally discharged for medical reasons due to my migraine headaches. After my discharge, I left the state to get away from other drugs I’d began to use recreationally. My prime supplier of acid got me hooked on coke and just prior to my leaving the state, I lived with him and his friend in a house downtown. Later a gothic mall rat came to stay and I left to go home to my parents and meet my brother and move to another state.

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