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XIII. Mysterious Strangers

Posted in: by Moon Elf on August 09, 2009

Eventually, I went on to make other friends in the city and landed myself amongst a group of the most popular in this particular club. They were a very photogenic couple well known, at least in image, by everyone who attended the club we frequented. They introduced me to further locals and I and a couple of my friends from the base who shared my interests continued to expand our circle of friends. In time, a sort of ‘click’ was formed of gothic pacifists who all hung out together. We often slept over the weekends at the home of the male of the couple mentioned. His place was actually an external garage turned living room out back of his grandparent’s house at the beach. I only found out months later upon finding a new circle of friends that this particular groups was very unaffectionately known by other club goers as The Family. Evidently, they considered us as seeming very cultish and this reminded them of the Manson Family. However, as I said, we were all complete pacifists. Even though we all appeared rather vampiric to outsiders, anyone in our group knew it was because of our tenderness and our fear and distrust of others that we kept such distance and avoided too much outside contact. We simply felt safer with our own. The types of conversations we often had revolved around how appalled we were by ‘normals’ and how insensitive most people were. We weren’t a bunch of ‘free love’ hippies and we were not promiscuous within our own group at all. In fact, there were very set partners and most of us, like myself, remained single. However, we all felt a very deep love and friendship for each other that none of us had ever known with our own biological families. This is what made this group special more than anything. However, our fear for conservative types and our unusual appearance often created unwanted conflict. Oddly, not everyone in the group had a very vampiric look either, some were typical punks with ripped up jeans and flannels and combat boots. There was even one girl who seemed the stereotype of conservativism who dated my best friend at the time, a guy from the base who went just about everywhere with me during this phase.

One day, my local friends were discussing urban legends and such. I’d actually brought the conversation up based on a night I’d spent at an abandoned location with some kids I hung out with one night after club hours. Their stories intrigued me so I was curious what my friends thought. We rapidly got onto the topic of a local city which was said to be run by witches in which it was also said that teenagers have disappeared, being taken by cloaked figures into the woods. More than likely, this is pure sensationalism as in later years I have looked up this city and found it was a Spiritualist community but the city does not even contain a graveyard which was often featured prominently in the local legends. We did not know that at the time and were discussing going to the graveyard in that city. It was about fifty-fifty in that some were curious while others were fearful. We were on our way out to the club for the night and agreed to discuss it later and we left in three different cars as there were about 10 of us this evening and some had to go back to their respective homes afterward.

We were on the highway heading toward the club when the lead vehicle pulled over on the shoulder. There was a problem with the engine, it had cut out. So a few guys open the hood and begin checking it out while the rest of us hang back smoking cloves. We began talking amongst ourselves when a woman walks up to us which we only noticed when she was about ten feet away. The most unusual thing about her was that while she was older than us, mid-twenties to early thirties, she looked very much like she could have been one of us with her pale skin and grey veil-like dress. She even had the black eye-liner just like we wore. The only thing she said to us when she approached was simply not to go to the city we had named only previously that day at my friend’s private residence. There was no way she could have known about the conversation. She was not anyone any of us knew and she was too old to be in our group. Any attempts to ask questions met with the same statement. The fearful ones in this now smaller group headed off toward the front where the broken down car was. We turned to stop them and engage them but they ignored us and promptly ‘hid’ under the hood of the car with the rest. When we turned around the woman was gone. There was a long plain on our side of the highway. You could see houses about a mile or so away and then you could see the beach behind them. The opposite side had about fifty feet of green grass and then went into the woods. She could not have run that fast! The problem vehicle started soon after. Once this had taken place the number of individuals still interested in visiting the city in question was now down to two; myself and one girl. We were more determined than ever.

Later that night at the club, I went outside to smoke in the fenced in area of the nightclub. One of my friends, one of the ones who quickly moved away from the female stranger before, was with me. I was leaning my back against the fence, facing the club, smoking and talking to him when he pointed behind me and got a fearful look in his eyes. I turned around that there was a twenty-something year old male with a leather jacket, long hair, tough boots, and dark jeans and t-shirt walking rapidly up to the fence directly at me with a serious look on his face. He got up to the fence but did not touch it. He stopped about four or five feet away and sternly said to me, “Don’t go to [the name of the city]”. This was exactly like the woman before. I exclaimed in alarm at the possibility of this happening twice in one day, “What the fuck!?”, and he simply repeated his message. I asked him, “Who are you, where did you come from?”, and he repeated his message again. He began to walk away through the cars in the parking lot which was on the other side of the fence. I cried for him to wait and said I was coming around. I’d have to go into the club and come out the front door to reach him. He simply turned around to me and repeated his message again then kept walking away into the dark of the night. I ran to the club door and turned back to my friend who said simply, “I’m not going”. I ran through the club and out into the parking lot where I’d seen the man who was too old to be hanging out there. He was gone, as I’d suspected. I searched the parking lot to make sure he could not be hiding behind a parked vehicle and checked the perimeter of the small parking lot. He could have gone anywhere and I was not likely to find him.

Shortly after this incident, it became unusually difficult to locate anyone in our little group of friends. I was able to find only one in their usual location and it was because I knew where he lived. We headed off to the house on the beach and nobody was there. Our friend’s grandparents said they’d not seen our friend in weeks. I had been busy with issues on base and had not had the time to go out with friends as usual. It was a testing cycle. The one friend I found said he’d talked to a couple of the others in the past week and that various difficulties had arisen for each. The primary couple had fallen out and were having relationship issues. Another girl was pregnant and her and her boyfriend were trying to figure out what to do. I saw them only once shortly after hearing this and never again. My best friend from base had moved onto a college campus and was living with his girlfriend and caught her cheating with his best friend from back home and when we caught up with him he was packing to go back home, leaving the girlfriend and visiting friend. I didn’t hear from him again but maybe a few short letters after he got back home and then nothing for many years. I found him several years later after I myself had just gotten married but have not seen him since and have not been able to keep in touch with him for some reason. It seems he moves a lot and does not update his contacts. The one friend I had found who we visited some of these others with, later went to become a skinhead and upon my leaving the city, after living in a house with some others, he showed up at the house with his skinhead friends to beat up the occupants. I literally missed the event by days and was in the safety of another state by then. I found out from the contacts I had when I left whom I am no longer in touch with today.

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