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XI. Moon Goddess II

Posted in: by Moon Elf on August 09, 2009

After that event, realizing that I needed some time alone, away from the naval base to think and sort things out, she offered me the use of her ‘thinking spot’. It was down the street from her house under some trees at the corner of a small lake. It was perfectly what I needed. I began going there at night alone, often under the light of the moon, and began to engage in conversations with my moon goddess again. I was never sure if I was just talking to myself or not, but it made me feel better, it was a temporary reprieve, an escape from all the problems I was dealing with. I was in the Navy and wanted out during this time. I wanted the freedom of personal expression. I had begun experiencing migraine headaches and was awaiting a medical board. I had a lot of riddles I couldn’t figure out between the waking world and the world at night where it seemed almost anything could happen and magic abounded. I was comforted by the moon and began to grow more of an attachment to Her. I had a mental impression of a symbol for Her which is a crescent moon and star, silver on midnight blue. It is the reverse of the Islamic symbol. I found a ring at a flea market around this time and began to wear it to honor Her. I also recognized that I was drawn to such stones and onyx and obsidian, jasmine incense, and wore an ankh most of the time. These were things that drew me personally and not related to the ‘scene’ as one might expect. I simply began to recognize them and follow the urges rather than ignore it as childhood mentality. At this time, the collection of ‘Goths’ that I knew mostly wore crosses, not ankhs.

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