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X. Meeting the Dark Fey

Posted in: by Moon Elf on August 09, 2009

It was during this time period that The Winds made their last appearance. It was with a girl a couple years older than me whom I’d also recently lost my virginity to. I’d kept it much longer than most in my peer group. It was instigated by a conversation with her regarding some further unexplainable experience. The night before, I was asleep in my bed on the base when I ‘dreamt’ that I left my body, much like when I was younger, only this time I found myself on the sidewalk outside my window and began traversing it across the base toward the exit gate into the civilian world. I never got anywhere near the gate before an adult male with rather pale skin and dark clothing approached me, seemingly from nowhere. He simply reached out his hand saying, “Come with me”. The lower half of his body was not visible and seemed to simply disappear into space. It looked like he was half in and half out of our world. I reached up toward him before I even thought about what I was doing. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me into his world. I found myself standing in a very dense jungle-like forest. He called, “follow me, I have something to show you”, and ran off. I chased after him for a short while and then he stopped in a small clearing. He introduced himself but for the sake of respect I will not name him here. It was an English sounding name for a male. He had dark hair, and I noticed, pointed ears. He explained to me that he was an elf, a dark elf, and that he was friends with my girlfriend. He was something like her guardian angel only different. In the dream, a large wild cat approached and circled around us. He told me, “it was okay, she won’t bite, she’s just curious”, and explained to me that this cat was my girlfriend in his world. Her nickname was Cat by some of her friends in my world, he’d told me. I’d never heard of any of this before and found it all very strange. He simply wanted to make sure that I’d ‘be nice’ to her and would not be mean or intentionally cause her harm. He said he liked me and that he must to reveal himself this way. He told me that he and I are very much alike, but never said what he meant by that. He then told me he had to get me back soon because it was almost dawn in my world and he lead me back. I don’t remember having to get back into my body but instead awoke in my room, in bed, wondering why I’d dreamt such a strange dream.

That night, I had to see my girlfriend and tell her about the dream and see what she thought. When I did go to see her, I felt too weird asking such a stupid thing and never brought it up. I thought she’d think I was crazy, or worse, patronize me of even play along so as not to ‘hurt my feelings’ and then talk about me behind my back. I was really too ridiculously nervous about the social implications of bringing this up. However, we were in the car making out and when I pulled away from kissing her, I saw her face with very distinct catlike features. She looked very much like she did in my dream. In the car, the moonlight was shining on her face. Where the moonlight was not, she looked herself. I must have made some very odd expression because she asked me what was wrong. I didn’t want her to think she’d done anything wrong so I told her about the dream, leaving the elf’s name out and their relationship only that they were both in it. Her instant response was both shock, surprise, and a little bit of anger. The first thing out of her mouth was, “you met —“, stating his name. I asked how she knew his name. She told me herself that he was a friend but also very much like a guardian angel to her. She also told me that her two best friends called her Cat for that reason but that nobody else knew about her ‘situation’. I was astounded. I could not comprehend how this could be and something in my mind in later months to come nearly convinced me that ‘she’ was the one who was crazy, believing she had an Elven guardian. It was shortly after this conversation that The Winds made their self known. I got out of the car and told it to leave me alone. Needless to say, this girlfriend of mine and I became very close friends, closer than before, due to the shared secrets probably. However, our relationship also became very turbulent and eventually we fell out but remained friends. The two friends of hers who knew about her cat form agreed very casually that they knew about it and the elf. She was the one who turned me onto Anne Rice and her stories of vampires. From then on, I became a fan of vampires, although when I was very young my first book report in first grade was Dracula and I loved watching the film with Bela Lugosi on television which had left quite an impression on me. This was yet another side of my personality that had not fully developed due to repression but was now allowed to come out. I began to see the mythic vampire as a sort of allegory for human emotion and sexuality.

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