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VII. Tree Spirit

Posted in: by Moon Elf on August 09, 2009

While living in this same house, there was a huge oak tree that sat in the neighbor’s front lawn. It had a long branch that sat low and looked like a little bench of sorts. It was actually a crook in the branch which curved down and then back up again and sat fairly close to the ground. It was low enough that I could easily climb onto it and sit. I enjoyed climbing trees very much at this age. However, this was my favorite tree. I didn’t know the neighbor who lived next door so I often worried that the old couple would be angry with me for sitting on their tree in their yard and when I heard anyone stirring inside near the door I’d take off and pretend to just be playing in my own yard or climb another tree and hide as quickly as I could. One day while sitting on the tree, I had an intuitive sense that it was happy for my presence and that it liked children. It was happy I was here because it missed some children who use to be here, though I’ve never seen any children at this house. Nobody played there. All the neighborhood kids were pretty good about staying in their own yards or the yards of their friends. After all, there was a beach nearby and anyone could go there and wander in the sand or nearby shrubs and woods. Nobody needed to play in other people’s yards. I just happened to live next door and felt drawn to this particular tree which sat on the very edge of our own property. Since I felt the tree was lonely but happy for me to be there as much as I was happy to be with the tree, I use to go there often. One day, the lady of the house caught me. To my surprise she was not only very kind but delighted to see me there and told me so. She said that this old tree missed her grandchildren who use to come and play often but they have since moved away and now nobody comes and sits on this old tree. Again, this event stuck with me because I felt that the woman had confirmed my intuitions. At eleven I had not even considered that this old woman had grandchildren. However, the way she phrased her words could have been meant metaphorically based upon her own feelings of sentiment. Personally, I didn’t take them that way and thought that she meant exactly what she’d said. We moved again shortly after.

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