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VI. Light and Shadow

Posted in: by Moon Elf on August 09, 2009

When I was eleven years old, we had moved to yet another house after the one in which the last out of body experience had occurred. One night while my brother whom I shared a room with and I were going to bed, I began to feel a plethora of strange emotional sensations, negative emotions that I had no names for. While the lights were off in the room and the bedroom door was closed, there was a closet next to me where these feelings came from. The door to the closet was closed and the entire room and doors were painted white. The window on the opposite side of the bedroom did not have the curtain drawn but there was no motion that I could see coming from that direction. Where the closet was, it felt like some sort of rift had opened and something dark and supernatural was prying through. The negative emotions really confused me more than the shadow which seemed to envelop that side of the wall and closet door. I began talking to my brother who said he could not sense nor see anything. I described this event to him as it took place. The shadow on the wall got bigger and began to encompass the walls and ceiling going over my head where I lay. Just as suddenly a light appeared from the window area of the room and came to my ceiling opposite the shadow. It was as if some battle of dark and light were taking place, each with associated emotional influence as I felt positive emotions from the light. This took place on the wall and ceiling at my head. After some struggle, the light pushed the dark away. It then moved across the room, looking like a vapor, and ‘stood’ in the corner of the room near our feet toward the window. There was a dresser in that corner but that did not seem to matter, it stood within the corner anyway unbothered by the furniture. I remember seeing the figure take a humanoid form which I could only say looked similar to the Christ paintings I’d grown up with. It made a gesture like waving a hand in parting and seemed very kind. It then turned back into a vapor like form and left the room through the window. I was in sweats by this time and not more than a little frantic. I was glad I was sharing the room with my brother then even though we often fought with our parents about wanting our own rooms.

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