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V. Ghost Encounter

Posted in: by Moon Elf on August 09, 2009

This is the type of experience in which things that probably should have seemed unusual at first did not. However, after the event took place and my rational mind had time to question what had just happened, a part of me discounted it as unreal and promptly let the issue lie and it never came into question again until my interest in such things had grown serious later in life.

When I was about eight or nine years old, I was out playing in our neighborhood. It was a new housing development and there were large piles of dirt which seemed to be about two stories high, in a section of the complex that was least developed. This is where the new houses were being built and where the neighborhood kids came to play in the open fields and dirt piles. I even had a friend who broke his front teeth on his dirt bike going down the steep side of one of those dirt hills. My brother and I use to climb the sheer sides of them making holes in the dirt as hand holds. On this particular day, some children smaller than myself, who must have been around the age of five, came to me for help. I was actually out here without my older brother and our friends this day so was probably about the oldest kid there at the time. They claimed that an older girl, about my age, kept disrupting their game and kicking their ball away. They wanted my help and being the type of person I am, I figured that if she was my age I could likely talk to her and get her to quit bullying the younger kids and maybe even have a playmate for the day. Most likely it was just bad communication. I was not expecting what I found. The younger kids took me to where they were playing and it was a slab of concrete with only the wooden frame of a house begun on it. The ‘girl’ was actually a ghost. My reaction was quick to turn to the children who guided me to the house to ask, “you can see her”? In my amazement, they all agreed. How I knew this was not a human is hard to explain. It was as if I was seeing her with my mind standing on the slab with a dour look on her face. In actuality, there was nobody there. Somehow I knew this and I cannot describe nor explain it more effectively. However, the children seemed to all think she was ‘real’. I took the ball in my hand and threw it into the house in front of her. She became angry and kicked it out of the house. She began arguing with me to take the kids and their ball and leave her alone and get ‘out of her house’. This puzzled me more than anything until I looked around at the house more carefully. It was as if I could see the remnants of a burnt out building that once stood there but had long been carted away to make room for the one currently being built. I explained this to her and she was very upset with me and puzzled. I explained to her ‘how’ I could see her, that she was not physical to me and that the house she talked about I could see was burnt and long gone. She must’ve died in the fire. After several moments I believe I convinced her to ‘move on’. I told the children that she wouldn’t bother them any more and tried to explain to them the situation and that they should be respectful and go and play somewhere else for now; give her a few days at least. Inwardly, I chuckled to myself about the event and what I’d done. The thing that puzzled me was ‘how’ I’d done it. I honestly did not know and could not repeat it. Later in the week, when the construction workers were there, I approached the men saying, “Can I ask you a weird question?”, and began inquiring if they had seen a little girl about my age in the site and if they had had any unusual or unexplainable experiences. I think I asked about three or four guys before a man on a ladder told me that he had tools go missing or things fall but that might not be unusual at all. He referred me to another man who was the electrician who said that he had not seen a girl but had often felt like he was being watched and felt someone touch him when nobody was there. He also said that his tools were often thrown outside the house. That was enough confirmation to me and I let the issue drop after that. From that point on I’m sure I believed in ghosts of some form or another. However, the probability that these men were humoring a child must also be taken into account.

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