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III. The Winds

Posted in: by Moon Elf on August 09, 2009

Another strange occurrence which began at a very young age is something I refer to as “The Winds”. These were occasions when I would usually be alone walking down the street or playing outside and I would have the strange feeling that someone was watching me. It is hard to describe but it is very much like the paranoia one feels when walking down a dark alley at night in a strange city and fearing someone may be following you with intent to harm only it is coupled with a heightened sensation that there is something supernatural in your immediate vicinity. When this would happen, I would most often stop what I was doing, even if I was just walking down the street, and stand still and look and listen intently trying to locate who or what it was. I would never see anyone, and the sensation would start with a sudden sense of stillness, almost as if the world, or time itself, has come to a sudden deadening halt, even though events would carry on around me normally. Shortly after I took notice of these sensations, a very identifiable ‘wind’ would begin to blow. This would manifest as literal wind in the trees and around me. It would be moderate, not gusty nor very subtle. It always came with the same strength and duration and would usually last for about ten seconds. After the wind would pass, I would often spy some animal crossing my path and staring at me as it did so. This could be anything from a housecat who was left outside to a squirrel or even an owl or any other animal. Always, it was the eyes looking at me that I noticed. The animals would always go away and ‘normality’ would return but these events would always leave me with a very strange feeling that a spirit was following me and watching and I would sense it in the eyes of the animal that passed me. I could never fathom what it wanted. This could happen almost anytime but was always outdoors, of course. There were some times that I felt I was being watched or someone was looking over my shoulder when I was indoors. However, this usually came only with the feeling of ‘breath’ on my neck or spider webs on my ear or face. I could never tell if there were actually webs on my face or if it was some reaction of the nerves alone, like the hairs on your neck standing up in fright, which also accompanied both types of occurrences. This continued until I was eighteen. It stopped only after my yelling into the night one time telling ‘it’ to leave me alone if it can’t tell me what it wants. I was very frustrated and very frightened. It had just occurred while I was in my car with my then girlfriend in her driveway. We were discussing strange phenomenal experiences when it began and I counted the wind and told her that someone or thing would cross our path and counted it off when some strange man walked behind the car exactly on queue staring at us the whole time and then went his merry way. I’d had enough at that point and wanted to be rid of this ‘thing’ that frightened me so much. I was ready for it to attack me, I was so frightened, but instead I’ve never encountered it since. That was also the only time I felt it had used a human form to gain my attention rather than an animal and that was even more frightening. I could only too easily imagine some possessed homeless personal attacking me.

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