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Posted in: by Moon Elf on August 07, 2009

Fey (fā) [ME feye, OE fæge, fated, OHG feigi, doomed] fated to die; appearing to be under a spell, marked by a foreboding of death; being in unnaturally high spirits; able to see into the future, visionary; marked by an otherworldly air, whimsical, strange, or unusual; excessively refined, quaintly unconventional; supernatural, unreal, enchanted, having to do with the realm of Faerie

(the time for secrecy has ended)

“I will give you the treasures of Darkness and the Secret Places.”
(Isaiah 45:3)

To open the gates between the realm of Man and the Fey.

Myth, legend, and fairy tales hold at least a grain of mystic Truth. A vast realm of myth and magic beckons us all. In this realm all things are possible once awakened. Believe!

The Temple of the Dark Fey is an esoteric project in the works. This is Dark Fey spiritual Tantra as revealed by “the Spider Prophet”!


Email: Moon Elf

Initially, anyone could post to the forum. However, due to the masses of SPAM messages entered as Comments I have been forced to require anyone wishing to post to register an account and login. I apologize for the inconvenience but due to the inconsideration of spammers I am forced to do this as my work efficiency was a negative number as I was spending all my time clearing spam and not able to work on anything else. Thank you for your understanding!

This is a collection of notes from a symbolic quest for the hidden meaningn behind Sirius which lead eventually to Numinous Consciousness. This took place over the period of just under a year and lead to a Gnostic experience of my own. I have decided to post my notes, much of which was copied from other websites with my own commentaries added, keeping as many associated hyperlinks as possible. It is my hope that anyone who reads it will be lead to do some of their own research and possibly have thier own unique mystic experience(s) as well.

This is a collection of personal experiences of unexplainable phenomena. Here, it is my hope that anyone who reads it will open their minds to a greater reality or anyone who has had their own experiences but have refused to speak about it due to the unacceptance of society may rethink those experiences and realize that many of these things are not as uncommon as most of us think. It is my personal belief that we live in a much greater reality than we are currently aware. What I refer to here as the Fey are entities which live in a greater reality than our own mundane physical existence.

NOTE: If you find errors or notes without complete text please let me know. I had intended on going through it in detail before posting publicly but time kept passing and I never got around to it so I made the pages Public filling in any blanks I found though there may be more, and likely errors in typing as well. I apologize! Please e-mail me if you find anything that needs correction. Thanks!

The Temple is a collection of symbolicly and archetypally portrayed ideas, beliefs, and practices which can assist someone in expanding their conscious awareness of personal “reality”.

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