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 (from Tablet 56 – In the Temple of Babylon)

All the decrees (and) designs were fixed.
All the gods divided the stations of heaven and earth.
The fifty great gods were present, and
The gods fixed the seven destinies for the cult.
The Lord received the bow, and set his weapon down in front of them.
The gods his fathers looked at the net which he had made,
Looked at the bow, how miraculous her construction,
And his fathers praised the deeds that he had done.
Anu raised (the bow) and spoke in the assembly of gods,
He kissed the bow. ‘May she go far!’
He gave to the bow her names, saying,
‘May Long and Far be the first, and Victorious the second;
Her third name shall be Bowstar, for she shall shine in the sky.’
He fixed her position among the gods her companions.
When Anu had decreed the destiny of the bow,
He set down her royal throne. ‘You are highest of the gods!’
And Anu made her sit in the assembly of gods.
The great gods assembled
And made Marduk’s destiny highest; they themselves did obeisance.
They swore an oath for themselves,
And swore on water and oil, touched their throats.
Thus they granted that he should exercise the kingship of the gods
And confirmed for him mastery of the gods of heaven and earth.



Once again, we find the heavenly bodies treated as deities. The Bowstar (Sirius) receives offerings just as do Ea, Ishtar, Marduk, Nin-ildu, and Shamash, with the expectation that all will help the sick person.

Many references state Inanna is associated with Sirius (the Bowstar)

Enamu Elish – Tablet 5

A sign [shall appear (?)]: sweep along its path.
Then always approach the [ ] and judge the case.
[ ] the Bowstar to kill and rob.
(15 lines broken)

Unfortunately too much is missing to make out any meaning.