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XXIII. The Watchers

Posted in: by Moon Elf on August 09, 2009

I began to study things that before I was unable to comprehend effectively until after the Eye experience. I began to study Egyptian mysticism, Hermetic Philosophy, and Christian Gnosticism.
While reading the Egyptian Book of the Dead, there were a couple things that struck me as significant. First, parts about the Ka reminded me of the OBE experience. Secondly, there is a part The Watchers with their vicious knives that I found very unusual. The brief description reminded me first of the alien abduction stories. Secondly, the use of the name The Watchers reminded me of the biblical book of Enoch which tells about the Nephilim. I began to compare some of the ancient writings with modern alien phenomenon and found there are some resemblances, especially when one looks into the Celtic Fairy Faith. It seems that what we call aliens, angels, or fairies, could very well be a simple issue of human mental limitations trying to explain a phenomenal experience based on their own set and setting in time and social convention. With my own interest in the Faerie realm from fantasy fiction, fairy tales from childhood, my interest in the Moon, and my encounter with the Dark Elf before, I decided to use this terminology as an apt representation for this still unexplained aspect of phenomenal experience throughout time.

Two nights during this time I had dreams about a being which I assumed was a sort of Watcher. While these are dreams, the only reason I mention them is their unusualness and that there was that odd sensation of realism during these particular dreams that makes them stick out in my mind. First, I dreamt I was walking down a remote road in a desert location and a ‘cloud’ hovered over. I looked up and realized it was not a cloud at all but some sort of alien craft. Oddly, it looked like a simple box with an illusion of a cloud on the outside and a white curtain covering the opening. I know this sounds ridiculous! Anyway, I could see under the curtain and saw a being that looked fleshy colored like Caucasian humans but had large black eyes like the aliens in the book Communion. It also had a large bony brow and something about its appearance reminded me of a gargoyle more than anything. In this dream, it saw me and I began to float into the sky. I became paralyzed and that is when I awoke. I could only assume it was like some of the abduction cases only this was in a dream and not actually real. Later, I had another dream on a different night. In this dream, the gargoyle was fighting a humanoid being wearing dark clothing and had white hair. It seemed to me that this being was some sort of very powerful Dark Angel. While I personally do not associate dark as always being ‘evil’, this one didn’t seem to have any good intentions in mind. These beings fought in the air and I could feel these very strong vibrations emanating from them. The gargoyle pummeled the dark angel and it hit the ground near where I stood making a huge crater. I awoke soon after but found it odd that the planet I stood on was a barren, rocky landscape and the predominating color was red. One might think of Mars. There are some strange associations with Mars and the origin of life on Earth and even a race of giant spiders according to some I’ve spoken with regarding their own unusual experiences. Of course, there is nothing in the recorded esoteric writings about this at all and the only reference one might find would be the album by David Bowie. Somehow, art is always connected!

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