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XVI. Psychic Viewing

Posted in: by Moon Elf on August 09, 2009

After the failed long-term relationship but before meeting the woman who would become my wife, I had one other relationship that lasted longer than the short-lived two week standard. This one lasted about a year overall though it was only serious for about two months. After the first two months I realized she was not ready to be serious and needed to regain her freedom. Also, she talked about marriage and at the time it was the last thing that I wanted. Oddly, we continued to share a deepening friendship as well as continued dating almost exclusively for several months after. At one point in the relationship, I had gone out of town with my best male friend while she stayed at home. This was only a week long vacation I was taking. One night, when my friend and I were settling down for bed and I was relaxing and preparing to go to sleep, I saw a very vivid image in my mind that something internally told me that this was no paranoid delusion but was actually taking place at that very moment. What I saw was as if I were peaking through the bedroom wall of the girl I was dating. She had a male friend of hers in her bedroom and they were intimately involved. Though this was a mental image only, I saw it as clear as if I had just witnessed it in real life and the image was imprinted in my thoughts. I told my friend to mark the time and date and explained to him what I’d seen. He thought I was just paranoid and that nothing was happening but I assured him that it was taking place at that very moment while we were speaking. When I returned home, my girlfriend was acting strangely, as expected. All week I could tell that she wanted to tell me what had happened but was afraid of hurting me. I pretended not to notice and took a secret joy in the fact that I knew I was aware of something that based on standard beliefs should not be possible. I awaited its confirmation. By the end of the week, she told me and confessed the whole thing. I told her simply that I knew already and she said that she felt I did but could not figure how based on the way I acted all week. I explained to her that I saw her in her room and even told her the physical positions they were in and exactly what they were doing. Her jaw dropped and she was more than a little freaked out. She confirmed that that was in fact exactly what they had been doing and proceeded to tell me that she had seen my face on her wall at that time, as if it was an addition to the hanging masks she had there for decoration and actually ended up stopping in the middle of what they were doing out of paranoia. This circumstance confirmed my belief that the event had taken place exactly as I’d expected but it left me with more questions than answers. I could not figure how I had seen it. I wanted to know the actual cause of the event and if it could be repeated. I have yet to repeat this form of viewing. Like the other bizarre experiences in my life, this too was spontaneous and uncontrolled. To this day I still find great frustration that I cannot do these things at will!

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