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IV. Misplaced Memory (In Progress)

Posted in: by Moon Elf on August 09, 2009

When I was young we took our first summer vacation trip to West Texas where my father use to live when he was a kid. When we got into the town he lived in, somehow I recognized the street and the buildings we were driving on. Before we got to where my father was taking us and without him telling us, I oddly knew that around the next corner was a house. I had previously had a dream of being in this town and going to this house, though I’d never been here before. In my dream, I was pushing a young girl on a swing and she was crying about something. The feeling I got from the dream was that she was a girl I cared for and I was trying to comfort her by pushing her on the swing.

When we got to the house and stood in the front yard, I saw the tire swing still hanging from the tree just like it was in my dream. I told my father I’d been there before and he said it was impossible. I explained my dream to him and he told me again that I had never been there before. However, he use to push his sister on the swing when the siblings were fighting to comfort her.

This made me wonder if some memories may not be passed on genetically. Later, when I would begin studying Norse Mythology I would find from other Norse pagans that this is a common concept amongst them.

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