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Posted in: Zaroastrianism / Zarathustra by Moon Elf on August 08, 2009

R U Sirius, Syrius, Cyrus?? Funny Fact:  Cyrus – the king who freed the Jews in ancient Babylon (wow there too not just Egypt?) led the people (later supposedly known as Syrians (synonymous with Christian though there was no Christ at that time and supposedly named after Cyrus though the spelling is different lol) – language at the time was Aramaic (later called Syriac lol) — However, Cyrus was not a Christian (timeframe see note above) and was in fact a Zaroastrian – founded by Zarathustra and was the first “known” monotheistic religion that Christianity was supposedly derived after but the Xians got it all wrong as it was initially also still a very Earth based religion

 The Magi are familiar to us today, mainly through the story of the Birth of Jesus (Nativity). The three Magi or three wise men, were the kings or priests from the East who recognized Jesus was being born, and went to search for him, and present him with gifts. Effectively the Magi were Zoroastrian priests.

 The Magi are also known to have been well versed in the occult sciences of their time, sciences such as astrology. However, this was part of the heritage that they received from their pre-Zoroastrian phase. No such sciences were taught by Zarathushtra himself, nor by any of his teachings.

 While the Magi later in their existence became part of the Zoroastrian priesthood, they were not at the time of Zarathushtra. And Zarathushtra was not a Magus

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