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Timothy Leary and Starseed Transmission

Posted in: Timothy Leary by Moon Elf on August 08, 2009

Timothy Leary’s Signature (I found this an odd curiosity when I first started this research and posted to the Interra group weeks ago but didn’t understand it then)


It was while looking at the way Dr. Timothy Leary signed the 23 drawings that are featured in a display at THE LIGHT SPACE GALLERY in Venice, California, that I first noticed that the slashes across the ‘T’ and ‘L’ made the letters look almost identical to the ‘runes’ in a highly controversial and often misunderstood occult symbol known as “The Black Sun.”

Although the number 23 is connected with the star Sirius and Dr. Leary’s “Starseed Transmissions” (those received during the ‘dog days’ of 1973), which concerns a mystery* that involves Sirius’s dark companion (prosaically called Sirius B) – a ‘black sun’ known to various initiatory orders as “the sun behind the sun” and “The Hidden God”, I couldn’t help but wonder if he (Leary) hadn’t tuned into the even more esoteric concept of the Black Sun. In this case, the Black Sun symbolized the spiritual luminosity that is buried deep within the bowels of the earth. Here, “bowels of the earth” is a coded al-Khem-ical phrase for both the void of creation and another (hidden) dimension of consciousness called “Universe B.” Just as Sirius B is invisible to the naked eye (first photographed in the 1970s), the Black Sun of occult tradition is invisible to ordinary human perception. But to those who somehow do perceive it, this Black Sun serves as a beacon of the other side – that which humankind should seek via Da’ath (the so-called ‘false sephira’) on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, which is the gateway that leads to the shadow-side of the Tree. Interestingly enough, in light of Dr. Leary’s ideas about the transmutation of consciousness from our “linear terrestrial circuits of the nervous system to the future circuits”, the other side of the Tree of Life is usually related to the future.

So, was the veil lifted? Did Timothy Leary encode in his idiosyncratic signature the belief that he had perceived the shining darkness of this occult Black Sun with its orbit of mystery (again like Sirius B) via the Starseed Transmissions (or from other experiments he conducted)? This esoteric Black Sun which shall transform humankind spiritually when the ‘Eye’ is opened.

Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem

[which is latin for "visit the interior of the earth and there by rectification find the hidden stone". This ancient alchemical magickal formula symbolises the quest each of us have towards fulfilling our potential and finding the hidden treasures within our own worlds.]

This concerns the incredible knowledge of the Dogon tribe in Mali, Africa, who, according to some researchers, know specific details relating to the astro-physics (including periodicity and weight) of the Sirius system.

THE BLACK SUN IS: The Shadow Self – within the Self – and also the connection to the higher principle of the Shadow Self of “God” too, better known as the Hidden God.

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